About us


We provide a space for youth to be of service, gain experience and have a voice through youth mentoring and training services in Sport, Development and Peace, using sport as a vehicle for life-skills, career development, collaborations, event management and project organization.


We, the Youth Network for Sport, Development and Peace, were borne of the 1st African Youth Forum which took place on Robben Island on the 17-21 September 2018, are a cohort of determined, driven and aspiring young professionals in the field of Sport, Development and Peace. We are made up of 5 Executive Committee Members, and 9 Youth Sport Leaders of the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace joined with YOUth from the rest of the globe! Welcome to our space, for the youth, of the youth, to the youth, by the youth in Sport, Development and Peace. We are happy to meet your acquaintence.

Sport Programming

The YNSDP assistance for Sport Programming through consultation in Monitoring and Evaluation, Event Management, Project Management and Recreation Programming. We offer mentorship, guidance and support to aspiring young sport development practitioners with Sport, Development and Peace studies and work. Let us know if we can help you.

Sport Leadership

Through the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace, the Youth Sport Leaders of the YNSDP serve in the capacity of Mentors and Advisors in Sport Development, Exercise Science, Recreation and Management practices, to improve administration to the field. We are jacks and jills of all trades.

Down-Up approach

Providing a positive space for youth in Sport, Development and Peace. The YNSDP aims to connect all youth to be the driving force behind meeting youth needs as they arise. Assisting industry leaders to hear the youth voice in SDP. You are welcome to join us, and we invite you to collaborate with us on some youth development and sport projects.

Drop us a line

Join our YNSDP Newsletter, and let us know if anything is happening in your networks! We will be happy to partner with you in distributing your event, training, workshop, conference, webinar or job offers to our readers! You may contact us for anything you want to know! We are happy to answer any question you have as quickly as possible.