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As a Team of Youth Sport Development Practitioners, we specialize in designing programmes to help reach specific outcomes through sport, recreation, career guidance, youth mentorship and activation programming. We can assist your organization to accomplish youth development goals.

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About Us

“We, the Youth at the 1st African Youth Forum which took place on Robben Island from 15-19 September 2018, from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mauritius, Malawi and Namibia, as a united voice, have noticed social problems and economic difficulties in our communities which include, substance abuse, gangsterism, teenage pregnancy, mortality, social inequalities, and violence. 

In the spirit of the Olympic Values of Respect, Friendship, Excellence, Balance of Body, Will and Mind and Fair Play – we declare to create a platform that uplifts youth, and that carries the voice of the youth in Africa for Sport, Development and Peace so that we have a space to be heard, a space to share opportunities, and a space to mentor each other for a brighter future, for all.”

1st African Youth Forum
15-19 September 2018 – South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mauritius, Malawi and Namibia

About us


We provide specialist programming services and a space for youth to gain experience and have a voice through youth mentoring and training services in Sport, Development, and Peace. We use a variety of approaches which include the use of sport as a vehicle to deliver the necessary life-skills, career development skills, and soft-skills required for youth success. We also welcome collaborations, sport and recreation event management, and project organization.


  • To understand, advocate and promote sport and Universal and Olympic values as tools for development, social change, and peace among youth and young adults, at the community level and at society at large;
  • To create and strengthen networks and develop partnerships to improve cooperation, capacity building, and implementation;
  • To facilitate the transfer of related knowledge, skills, and resources in youth development, career development, sports skills development, and other relevant fields;
  • To facilitate public and institutional awareness, personal development, education, and training in support of sport as a tool for development, social change, and peace and of Universal and Olympic values.


  • We always encouraging inclusive participation and celebrating diversity across cultures, race groups, sexual orientation, age, gender identity and creed
  • We utilize a multi-disciplinarity in conjunction with tools and approaches of Sport, Development and Peace;
  • We are for of the community and for the community, reaching out to Youth in both local and global areas through SDP programming, and other online media tools for increased exposure (social media, online conferences and discussions)
  • We are accountable, transparent, inclusive and participatory in our decision-making practices;
  • We adopt a human-centered approach in SDP research, teaching, training, and outreach;
  • We uphold the Universal and Olympic values of friendship, joy of effort, fair play, respect, excellence and balance of body, spirit, will and mind as well as interdependence, sharing, love, tolerance, equality amongst others.

YNSDP Executive Committee
Youth Sport Leaders

Raedene Lucas is a Sport for Development Practitioner, an MPhil candidate in Sport, Development and Peace at the University of the Western Cape. She was listed as one of Africa’s Brightest Young Minds in 2022, and was listed as one of the M&G Top 200 Young under the Sport category in 2023. Raedene has also been selected as the UWC Brand Ambassador for 2023 through her work in Sport Development, Sport Science and Youth Leadership. Her practice areas are within increasing access to sport for marginalised individuals and this includes women and girls, persons with disabilities, and previously disadvantaged individuals.

Warren Lucas is an Accredited Sport Scientist (SASMA), a PhD Exercise Science Candidate at the University of Cape Town. He was listed as one of Africa’s Brightest Young Minds in 2017 and made the M&G Top 200 Young list in 2019 under the Health category. He serves as the President of Cape Town Gymnastics Association and is the Vice Chair of the Youth Network for Sport, Development and Peace. His research interests are within the fields of Public Health and Epidemiology, Sport Science, Fitness, Substance Use Disorders, Youth Development, and Injury/Treatment Surveillance.

Nakita Lawendal is a Registered Educator (SACE) and a Western Cape Education Department (WCED) staff member, based at Grassy Park High School as a Life Orientation, Sport and Dance teacher. She completed her BA in Psychology at the University of the Western Cape and her PGCE at the University of Cape Town. Her areas of interest are to uplift previously disadvantaged youth through art, musical interpretation, and poetry to allow young people to connect with their innate talents of self-expression and performance.

Bonkega Qhango is a Community Development Leader, non-profit founder and entrepreneur. She directs the Thembisa Ratanga NPO and spearheads her own health and wellness practice offering Yoga to community members via the Ubukho Institute, both based in Khayelitsha in Cape Town. She is passionate about providing safe spaces for youth to grow, play, develop career goals, and become productive members of society.