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The Cape Town Youth Development Project

The Cape Town Youth Development Project

Borne from the SA Top 100 Ambassadors 2020

Our Project

Award winning

The Cape Town Youth Development Project was recognized by the South African Top 100 Ambassadors 2020. SA Top 100 Ambassadors is a Non-Profit Organization and a platform for young South Africans (under 35’s) to be ambassadors in their communities and make a difference in their field of work.


As a team of Youth Sport Leaders, we are passionate about meeting the needs and challenges in the development of youth. We have a variety of programme options to improve overall youth wellbeing, performance and livelihood. Our programmes are aimed at holistic change and development.

Top support

Our Project has been supported by The Foundation for Sport, Development, and Peace and a variety of donations have been received by local organizations. We are calling on you to extend a helping hand, whether it’s just your time and passion to continue initiatives at the Youth Network for Sport, Development, and Peace.

The Cape Town Youth Development Project 2020 in collaboration with the SA Top 100 Ambassadors, piloted by Warren Lucas and Natasha King.


The Cape Town Youth Development Project is the brain-child of both Natasha King (Former Mrs. SA Finalist in 2019, Media Mogul and Actress) and Warren Lucas (Exercise Scientist, Lecturer and Sport Developer).


In July 2020, Warren and Natasha made the Top 100 list of South African Ambassadors for their work and involvement in Youth Development, Entertainment and Health. Irrespective of their individual community development goals, Warren and Natasha have joined forces to bring about increasing effective change. In the spirit of working better together, the Cape Town Youth Empowerment Project was born, and serves to help achieve the legacy of the late, great Nelson Mandela, who advocated for youth empowerment and democracy. Together with these ideals, Natasha and Warren are invested, committed and driven to head into areas where youth are at-risk, to provide the necessary skills required for youth to succeed in economic participation by using sport, art, recreation and media as tools for facilitation to help youth achieve. We used our time in Hanover Park at the wonderful EMC church to reflect, have fun through sport and recreation, dance and the building of friendship. Our programme was led by our Youth Sport Leaders, Warren Lucas, Natasha King, Raedene Lucas, Daniel King, Duncan van der Merwe, Natalie Erskine, and Irfaan Gool.